Dr King’s Speech

The speech issue impacting the Duke of New York is that of stuttering. Stuttering is a speech disorder where a person repeats or prolongs phrases, words or syllables. A person may stop during speech and make no sound for some syllables. Stress and fatigue makes it harder for such people to talk flowingly.

People mischaracterized the Duke of New York based on his speech issue. They saw him as a person who lacked self-confidence. His siblings also ridiculed his speech.

The role of Lionel Logue in relationship to the Duke of New York was that of a speech therapist. Lionel Logue was born in a College Town, Adelaide, Southern Australia on February 26, 1880.The Duke of New York visited Logue’s rooms on a daily basis for two months. The therapist had diagnosed poor coordination between the larynx and the diaphragm an asked him to undertake breathing exercises and within a few weeks an improvement in his speech was noted. He had gradually started overcoming his speech disability. Lionel also helped him rehearse for major speeches and also coached him for formal language of his coloration in 1937.

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The Duke of New York finally stopped experiencing his speech issue. This was after Logue sitting in the apse to encourage him many times during ceremonies. Logue had also made his diction to be slow paced.

The Duke finally demonstrated victory over his speech. According to his diary records in 1940, he was pleased with the way he delivered his speech on Empire day. He said it was his best effort. This was after his many rehearsals with Lionel. He rehearsed everything and dreaded last minute alterations to his text. The sovereigns’ speech had always been difficult to him as it had to be delivered when seated and not standing. He was finally pleased with his efforts after delivering the speech on Empire day.