Different Technologies

The use of different technologies has become essential in schools because it enables students from different groups and cultures to succeed in their learning. This is because it improves their learning, abilities, achievements which improve their standards. According to Grady, use of different technologies in schools helps students to determine their strengths and weaknesses in the classroom, grade levels, and school sites and across the districts. Different technologies also assists in the monitoring of student performance, assists students in their learning by supporting and enhancing it.

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There are different types of technologies which facilitate the learning of students from different groups and cultures. They include medical technologies, information technologies and assistive technologies. Information technologies are made up of hardware and software that are used to store information. They include handheld technologies, video content technologies, laptop computing technologies and digital moviemaking which can be used by students from different cultures.

Project based learning is a technology-based learning whereby the students use classroom projects which facilitate their learning and assessment of their competence. Project-based learning also enables students to respond to various issues especially the ones which are difficult and challenging. Different technologies offers different contents to the students, for example, word processing is a form of information technology that offers communication skills to the students, databases help students to acquire organization skills.

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Assistive technologies are used by students who are disabled which assist them to learn well without difficulties. Community members tend to discriminate and isolate this group of people because they think they cannot be productive. However, assistive technologies assist them to get in a better situation to handle life issues.

Medical technology assists students in the medical field to use science and technology to diagnosis diseases and improves the management of various disease conditions. This helps students to be more accurate in their practical and at the same time caters to the well being of patients. In conclusion, different technologies have played a crucial role in the learning process of students from different backgrounds. This is because technology enhances and improves the learning process. Schools should, therefore, embrace the different types of technologies which will play a role in improving performance.

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