Development and Training Medium

Training and development is used by many companies as an excellent strategy in the induction process of new staff. This is important because it enables new personnel to adopt the same commitment and motivation in accomplishing the company’s objectives. Training, being a new learning environment essentially means the transfer of various learning objectives or concepts where varied media, methods and strategies are utilized in those efforts. Primarily, the medium refers to the means or the vehicle utilized in the transfer, organization and delivery of training instructions to the new staff (Clark, 2012).

As Frankola (2002) affirms, the training medium to be used largely depends on the message and may include lectures, videos, coaching or through programmed instructions among others. Additionally, the choice of the appropriate training medium to be used will be based on the task and the new staff as well as the various cost and administrative requirements (Bixler, 2012). The training medium can also be provided internally and externally by contracting or outsourcing them. The medium to be used will be coaching and provision of various organizations’ documents such as daily programs and company policy briefs among others.

This will be provided both internally and externally where the coaching will begin with internal job instruction which will be followed by external coaching where expert coaches will be outsourced from recognized institutions offering hotel and restaurant training as a career. Before the external coaching, the various aforementioned organizations’ documents will be provided to the new personnel to ensure that they understand the overall objectives of the company. This will be augmented by tours around the restaurant to enhance better understanding of the company’s operations. This will culminate in the new staff being more committed to achieving the company’s goals and objectives in provision of genuine service in an inviting atmosphere for the customers.

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