Day after Tomorrow

The day after tomorrow is fiction movie related to issues affecting the world today as a result of global warming. The movie goes further to discuss the issues that have led to this threatening situation that face human race today. Jack Hall comes to discover that what was a huge ice in Antarctica was no longer there because it had sheared off. He was not aware that this event would result in a big shift in the climate patterns that in the long run would affect all the creatures in the world.

On the other hand, his son who was with a friend was attending an event in New York. It is here that they discovered that it had been raining continuously for three weeks; afterward, disasters related to changes in weather patterns took place in the world. It was at this time that everyone realized the world was headed for an ice age, other people in the south were moving to warmer climates in the south. Jack is forced to do all he can to save his son together with his friend who was stuck in New York. They survived massive waves as well as extremely cold temperatures that would have killed them.

I have chosen this movie because it discusses in details the effects of global warming in the world. The movie uses the example of floods, change in weather patterns and extremely cold temperatures. The movie makes the world population understand the problems that they are faced with, and there is a need for them to act quickly to manage the situation. Unless this situation is taken care of by all of us the future generation are faced with a danger of being extinct from this world. There is, therefore, need for us all to be united in tackling the issues related to global warming.

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