Data Warehouse

Data warehouse is basically an upgraded database. Databases were primarily designed to record and store the data. The data warehouse is, actually, an improved and more sophisticated version of the database, used for the analysis purposes. It allows comparing and contrasting the data that is obtained from certain information systems and other business-related resources.

Strategic decision making is based on the collective data. It is based on thorough planning and analysis of the information. The core of it lies in analyzing and predicting an outcome rather than quick reaction. Strategic decision making may be also referred to as the way organization functions in the long-term period, in order to achieve an advantage over the competitors and satisfy the expectations of the interested parties, i.e. the stakeholders.

Ethics and Information Security go along together according to the most corporate strategies. Any organization is unwilling to reveal its secrets to the public, as the information security plays a key role in the existence of the company and its further survival in the tough competition. Anybody related to an organization falls beyond the ethical standards, as effective information security neglects any ethics compared to safety.

Telecommunication is based on the transition of the information. A practical way to realize it is using the networks. They allow any data transmitted from one point to reach the recipient in a matter of time. Networks were designed to support telecommunication by means of emphasizing the signal and its transfer from the base to the recipient.

IT architecture aims to align the information communications technology to business strategy. Systems development highlights the effects of the IT architecture by means of the initial scrutinizing study, supported by the follow-up maintenance leading to the completion of the certain application. The concept of systems development is based on various methodologies. Systems development supports the IT architecture by organizing its structure accordingly.

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