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Custom essays writing assignments, which are given to the learners, teach them to recognize and compose diverse types of essays. As a rule the type an essays writing is determined by the question or topic wording and can be as implied as express. Teachers also emphasize on what kind of school or college essay writing is expected to be. But at exams scholars often need to take the decision on their own. In the understanding of different types of custom essays writing outline plays the important and determined role. To ask nobody ‘write my essay’ it has the sense to learn more about essays types.

Remember that essays writing can be of cause and effect type. The first will expect you to advance the causes of the events and the second requires more concentration on the event itself and its effects. To do good custom essays writing of such kinds you will need to choose between remote and immediate causes and short-term and long-term effects.


The most popular task of custom essay composition is also compared and contrast work preparation. A student will need to find and point out the similarities and differences between two items, situations, compositions, personalities and so on in it. To cope with such kind of task successfully one should look critically at the stated question and expressively and argumentatively discuss all pros and cons of it.

Demonstrative essay is not less common than compare and contrast writing but requires from the learner good skills in given statement demonstration. In other words, you will need to talk about something in details without omitting important items. The best way to structure your essay here will depend directly on words describe, explain or explore the topic of assignment.

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Other types of essays will demand to divide and classify a place, a thing, a person or a process to get a high grade. To succeed with this task you have to divide an essay subject into smaller parts or aspects and classify each of them carefully and separately. Do not forget to put everything together to one part at the end of your custom essays writing to make general conclusion of everything analyzed before.

Custom essays writing, in which you will be asked to define, expects all your knowledge about the individual subject demonstration. Moreover, each statement provided must be strengthened by remarkable examples.

Another kind of custom essay, which is easy to compose for a creative person, is a response to quotation or comment. It means that all you need to do is to write your opinion and understanding of the essay topic. But do not forget to do it expressively. Your language should be silver-tongued.

Each student must be familiar with all types of essays to compose them perfectly and get the excellent grades. However, it is not as easy as it may seem. Very often the wording of the essay topics does not directly indicate what type of essay is required, so the learner have to catch it through interference.

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