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According to Bellany, in the United States, a large number of individuals who maintain that nuclear weapons are dangerous and should not be possessed by states. At the same time, the same individuals who are against the devastating effects of nuclear weapons prefer the use of nuclear energy as a way of generating electricity. A number of people believe that the threat due to the nuclear weapons is more imminent and greater, and that there is no link between nuclear weapons and nuclear power. The connections that link nuclear energy and nuclear weapons have been found to be more than historical or political. However, it appears dubious that the use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes does not have a connection with military applications.

The peaceful purposes of nuclear energy in the United States include cancer treatment, nuclear power infrastructure, and water and food security. The present president of the United States has raised an issue about the need of a new structure for civil nuclear cooperation to enable various countries access peaceful energy without increasing the proliferation risks. Barrack Obama has also highlighted the use of nuclear energy in fighting against climate change as well as advancing opportunity and peace for all. The United States of America can help other countries in harnessing the possible benefits of the peaceful nuclear power. Nonetheless, if the number of nuclear plants increases, more nuclear weapons will be manufactured and therefore more wars.

The use of nuclear weapons has been considered to be a greater threat to human life as compared to the use of the peaceful nuclear energy . Possession of nuclear weapons increases the possibility of wars between countries. Atomic bombing has been found very devastating in terms of destroying property and lives. However, absolute nuclear disarmament strategy will not be successful because of the present nuclear power plants which are meant for peaceful nuclear energy. Nuclear energy is still useful in cancer treatment and therefore the establishment and maintenance of nuclear power plants will not be abolished. The presence of nuclear power plants favors the production of nuclear weapons and therefore worldwide nuclear disarmament will not be achieved.

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