Current Criminal Justice

This is a country in the south American continent since it borders the United States which for the longest time had been known as the land of opportunity, there is a lot of illegal immigrants to the U.S bring with it lots of illegality such as sex trade, drug trafficking, gangs violence and haywire murders. We shall critique the issue of drug trafficking as Mexico is amongst the highest drug producing countries in the world.

Analysis shows that it is the main purveyor of Marijuana, methamphetamine, it also produces heroin and a good channel for entry of cocaine to the United States. This drug cartel end up spinning millions of dollars and get rid of any barriers that can lead to their exposure they have links all over even in government and thus it is difficult to get rid of them; so the criminal links spreads to getting into murder and kidnapping (Cook, 2007). All the cartels work together in a bid to avoid law enforcers but they still work independently.

This has greatly affected the Mexican reputation Felipe Calderon and is even a threat to the citizenry with increased corruption with the police makes it more difficult to fight this menace; there have been reports that the police have been appointed to get rid of various members of rivaling cartels. There is currently a project with Mexico and the U.S which are working on the eradication and banning of the narcotics by encouragement of the U.S to have a reduced demand for the products which will intern reduce on the production.

The cartels work hand in hand with the prison and street gangs to facilitate wholesale and retail in the U.S, sometimes this drugs have been transported in human bodies whilst trafficking immigrants into the country and can pose even to spread of disease due to the unhygienic measures of transport. It has been an issue to try extinguishing the cartels as there are enforces called sicarios who go to even thousands when put together meaning that there are more in the Cartels than the government suspects who are mostly the scapegoats for the big shots in the cartels making it hard to get the main ringleaders.

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They also come equipped with an in-built army for which they call the Zetas which is a form of imposer of their “laws” on the cartel members and civilians this at times even includes the Mexican Army members. They have even more machinery than the police in the Mexican state and have taken up policing to ensure that their ventures are not interfered with.

The murders conducted by the cartels are normally heartless even to hundreds of bullets to anyone who comes in their way. According to Frieden, (2004) with the help of the diplomatic community, both the U.S and Mexico are coming up with policies that as per the U.N drug treaties for proper enforcement. The Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA) aims at curbing the vice by having enhanced drug prevention education and escalating access to addiction treatment reducing the number of addicts and purchase of the drugs.

The war against cartels and drug trafficking will not be achieved with put proper unity between the two states and for the U.S to assist in the reduction of free flow of weapons to the country as it is evident for it is quite a challenge for the Mexican police (National Drug Intelligence Center, 2006). In this way the cartels could face extinction.

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