Critical analysis of World on the Edge

According to an environmental analyst Lester Brown, the rate at which the food prices are rising can be attributed to the geopolitical effects. Changes in the global environmental conditions have led to lower food production. An example is in Russia where due to intense heat, farmers are counting losses after their crops withered. Grain production has fallen from 100million to 60million tons. Food crises in the developing countries will pose a threat to global stability and consequently lower civilization. He shows how this is already causing prices of food to go up. In Russia, they banned the export of wheat grains in an attempt to control the cost of wheat to its citizens.

He compared the current economic situation to the astronomy when Copernicus came to the scene. We must also invent an economic worldview based on the recent past observations and analysis of the environmental condition. Expansion in the world economy might end the civilization if not controlled. The food price record is no longer predictable; it depends on year to year harvest records. This is due to water shortages and climatic condition changes. Brown suggests that we should create an honest market in order to reconstruct the world energy economy.

As a result of food scarcity, some countries are buying land in Africa and Latin America. To end this crisis Brown suggests taxes should be revised. Income tax should be lowered, and the tax on carbon emissions increased. This is a call to our generation to ensure that we change the trend in the current economy and redirect our global economy towards a sustainable progress. This plan is feasible every person must be determined in reducing pollution and preserving the available resources.

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