Criminal Justice Corporal Punishment


Corporal punishment is the infliction of pain to an offender as a way of reforming him or for offenses committed. This infliction of pain can be through hitting, slapping, punching, kicking, pinching, and shaking the offender. Corporal punishment is of three types: domestic corporal punishment, school corporal punishment and judicial corporal punishment.

In my opinion, Corporal punishment should not be used as the means of punishing offenders. This is because the majority of nations are pulling away from practicing this form of punishment. Most countries across the globe are moving from the administration of Corporal to much better forms of reforming offenders.

Corporal punishment affects the offenders differently. For instance, corporal punishment on children lowers their self-esteem and may result in poor performance in their studies. In addition, when children are exposed to corporal punishment may have a problem in social integration.

The use of corporal punishment in society leads to increased violence because it tends to advocate for violence as a way of dealing with the problems. Murray (2005) argues that Once a society accepts violence as a way of dealing with a problem, then this vice can be passed on from generation to generation. Offenders, when exposed to corporal punishment from time to time may become resistant in a manner that they care less about the punishment. Studies have shown that inmates exposed to corporal punishment hardcore lifestyles. This renders useless the whole practice, as the motive for punishment is not achieved but rather accumulation of hardcore criminals.

Since corporal punishment is associated with infringement of individual rights, then there must be another form of punishment that can be used to moderate the behaviors of wrongdoers. Imprisonment is one of the way of ensuring justice is done and should range from life imprisonment to that of the lowest level. Alternative to corporal punishment is the use of fines and restrictive orders.

In conclusion, it suffices to say that corporal punishment is not the viable method of correcting wrongdoers. Apart from inflicting pain and causing physical injury to the offenders, it has adverse psychological effects (Turner, 2002).

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