COPD Management

According to Hanania and Sharafkhaneh (2010), in the world, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) in 1990 was the sixth major cause of deaths, while in the United States it is the third major cause of death as at 2008. According to (Hess et al., 2011), it has been estimated that over 16 million people living in the U.S. have diagnosed with COPD, it is also estimated that about 14 million or even more people also living in the country may still be undiagnosed, maybe because the COPD is still in its initial stage and the symptoms have not yet shown up. It is also worth noting OCPD did cost the economy over $42.6 in the United States as cost of healthcare as well as the loss in productivity due to COPD (Hess et al., 2011).Home care management of COPD by nurses is crucial to the patients especially those who have had to be admitted repeatedly in health care facilities. Also, nursing health care of COPD is crucial especially in early detection, prevention of healthcare admissions where this is possible, home care is important in cost reduction for the patients. A lot of patients with COPD will require a lot of psychological support, therefore the nurses not only require to be well versed with the knowledge and skills on COPD but they also need to provide psychological care (Barnes et al., 2009). It may involve managing people who have smoked all their lives and may have difficulties quitting, he nurse has a role to deal with this to ensure they shed this habit. High-quality nurses are crucial to the management of COPD as it is affecting a lot of people thus it is crucial for early detection and prevention. The nurses will be crucial in conducting such procedures like spirometry as well as reversibility testing (Boylan, 2011). Therefore it is crucial for the nurses to be knowledgeable on COPD management. It is also important for the nurses to continuously undergo training on COPD management as this is crucial to ensure they are always in touch with the new information in the field.

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