Conduct of Believers

According to the text the conduct of believers, I agree with the issue of believers since Muslims are believers. This is where they say woe to the unbelievers which states that they are believers. The Islamic religion is about belief and, therefore, they believe in Allah whom they shall meet on the judgment day (Robert, 311). From the text, the unbelievers told be gone to the hell that they deny, and depart into the shadow that will arise in columns, and no shade or shelter from the heavy fire, and a lot of sparks and extremely large. This indicates that the text believes that the nonbelievers will burn in hell. This is whereby they will succumb to fire for many years hence this indicates that it is Muslim since they believe in hell of which I agree with.

Those on the right hand will be righteous. This shows that the text talks of Islamic religion where they believe that the righteous will be on the right side of Allah. I agree with this notion. The book describes life after death whereby they describe how heaven will be. The Muslim pillars include a must in a lifetime pilgrimage to Mecca as it is some of the ethical dimensions of Muslims. I disagree with the issue of calling God lord since they call their god Allah. In addition, their believing on the Day of Judgment included in the text of which I agree with. I contrast; I tend to disagree with the issue of jihad that when a Muslim kills so many non-Muslim and then killed in the process he tends to go straight to heaven. I would convert since the incentive sound convincing because of life in heaven after death.

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