Computer Crimes

A computer crime is a criminal act that is committed using a computer as the main tool. Computer crimes can take various forms which include stealing of information, for example, by tapping other people’s databases or information transmission lines, theft of money by making transfers to one’s own accounts, stealing of goods by diverting them to a wrong destination and also stealing of computer time by using company’s computers for personal aims. Other forms of computer crime include modification of programs for fraudulent purposes and hacking, which is an act of breaking into other people’s systems with the intention of blackmail or sabotage (Paladin Press, 2009).

The police and other law enforcement agencies use various means to track down computer criminals. For example, in the United States, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has created a special Cyber Investigations Department which has then founded Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3). IC3 offers the members of the public an easy-to-use system of reporting the computer crime alerts that the authorities suspect. Various police bodies have computer crime units so that members of the public can contact them any time to inquire about any information and ask for assistance. These units are also involved in investigating cyber or computer crimes and tracking down the criminals (Casey, 2011).

One of the computer crimes that AllTechComm could be susceptible to is theft of information. Since the company is engaged in providing technical assistance, AllTechcomm has a lot of information concerning the computers that may be stolen by computer criminals. However, this threat can issue from employees of the organization as well as outsiders. To protect the organization from internal theft, the management should notify the employees that their use of company’s personal computers, the internet, and the computer networks is monitored. The management should also eliminate the use of nonessential modems as they can be used to transmit information. To protect from external crimes, the firm should install a special barricade known as a firewall that is positioned between internal and external networks. This should be installed to protect the company from hackers who can break into poorly configured computer systems.

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