Competitive Analysis

This part of the paper is analyzing the company’s competitive analysis. The analysis will take into consideration three different companies that are engaged in offering online video games. This will be the case as CanGo is considering venturing into this market. The analysis will involve identifying these competitors’ weaknesses and strengths. The companies to be analyzed include: Capcom, Electronic Arts and Activision.


The company has been selling online video games for years. The company will provide a stiff competition to the company’s new online video game that it plans to launch.


  • The company has a well established share all over the globe.
  • The company has a number of video game brands that are performing well in the market.
  • The company has a well equipped marketing team in terms of experience and education.

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  • Poor public image of the company especially for the last year.
  • Overreliance on its existing distribution channels.
  • Its leadership wrangles for the last year.


This company will be one of the competitors of CanGo; they will be competing for the existing market share.


  • Have large share of the market for video games.
  • Well established production plants around the world.


  • High compliant over the quality of video games being offered by the company.
  • Poor distribution channels especially in some parts of the market segment such as African region.

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Electronic Arts

This is another company that has been involved in production and distribution of video games over the years.


  • Good brand image of the company due to it offering high quality products.
  • Existence of regional distribution channels in various parts of the world.


  • The company has overrelied on traditional marketing strategies.
  • Lack of innovative team that continuously carries out innovations in order to improve its features.