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Personalized Medicine for Humans

June 26, 2018 Category:

Personalized medicine is the new step in the development of modern medicine that raises hope in many fields of research nowadays. Scientists believe that personalized medicine can bring fascinating results and make a revolutionary contribution to the development of effective treatment of cancer, HIV, and other deadly diseases. The advantage of this method consists in…

The Ming Dynasty

June 26, 2018 Category:

The dynasty brought a huge contribution to the cultural traditions and Chinese religion. In that period, the Ming Dynasty emperors were very important for China because they were originally Chinese and furthered just origin Chinese traditions inherited from the previous dynasties. The Ming Dynasty ruled China from 1368 to 1644. It is a common knowledge…

Alzheimer’s Mental Illness’ Prevention Research Paper

June 25, 2018 Category:

The first description of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) was given by Alois Alzheimer in 1906. The disease affects the brain activity in a way that people find it hard to remember things. Alzheimer described this disease at the time when the life expectancy in the US was on average 50 years. It was not as common,…

Environmental Scanning of Gold’s Gym Research Paper

June 25, 2018 Category:

Gold’s Gym International Inc. is a firm dedicated to transforming the lifestyle of people in various ways. Fight against weight gain and maintaining the body in a healthy condition is something that challenges everybody. Children, teenagers and adults face the risks of cardiac failure, because of body fat. Therefore, the company’s chief mission is to…

Gentrification and Redevelopment in Hong Kong

June 25, 2018 Category:

Gentrification refers to a dynamic course whereby there is a total restructuring of an urban area that is perceived to be not fully developed to create more development projects aimed at reshaping and renovating the area. Gentrification in most cases takes place in poor urban cities where poor people are forced to relocate due to…

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