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In the New Oxford Annotated Bible with the Apocryphal/Deuterocanonical Books (New York: Oxford University Press, 1994),

John 10: 24 the imperfect tense has been translated as in great confusion here “began to say.”

John 10: 24 have been taken to literally mean, “Until when will you take away our life.” Wallace et al. The Lexham English Bible English-Greek reverse interlinear New Testament: with Strong Greek-English glossary, (1996. 674)

John 10: 28 has been literally taken, “for the age”

John 10: 29 the direct object here is supplied from English translation context

This reading follows the parable of Christ the good shepherd. (John 10: 11-21). Jesus had blatantly retorted to the Jews who questioned who he was. They were perplexed by the remark and claimed that he was possessed by either a demon or the spirit of God. Jesus’ attestation of the authorities appears to be an evil spirit manifestation in him, but “can a demon open the eyes of the blind?” Still, the Jews further demand to know Jesus identity. Jesus retorted by saying that his actions proved his identity. The Jews had seen his actions but they did not believe. Jesus claims to be the shepherd. He says that his sheep believes him. They listen to him and recognize him by his voice. This knowledge between the shepherd and the sheep has been compared to the knowledge prevalent between the father and son. He further contends that the Jews could not identify who he was because they did not belong to him. This verse is repeatedly mentioned to the Jews (John 5:36, 10:38). The following verse 26 is also mentioned in John 8:47.

In verse 30, Jesus makes avid claims to divinity. He contests that he and the father are one. This oneness is seen as the love intimacy between the father and the son. (Wallace 1996:674) This oneness is further reflected and confirmed by Jesus and his disciples. (15:1-7) they are perfectly equal.

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