Bible Commentary

This was the denial of the Lord Jesus by the Jews who never knew whom He was in the book of John. According to the Ne Harper Collins Bible commentary, we find that it happened when they were with Jesus and they did not know Him. This was during the festival of dedication in Jerusalem, which happened during winter. Jesus was in the temple walking in the colonnade of Solomon when the Jews questioned on how long He was to keep them in suspense if He was the Messiah and why was He not identifying Himself. Jesus wanted them to recognize Him as Messiah through His works and testify for themselves.

He knew their faith that is why He is referring to them as not being his sheep and that He knows His sheep and they follow Him so as not to perish because He gives the eternal life. All who had something to say to Christ were to find Him in the sanctuary. Christ was to make the Jews believe but they made themselves doubt. The Jews expected a great military-political leader and they also thought he was to lead the Israelites armies to destroy their enemies. The Jews understood Jesus’ meaning, but could not outline His language into a full accusation against Him. He described the courteous character and happy state of His sheep, meaning those who heard His word, believed in Him and followed Him as His trustful disciples. None of these would perish for the Son and the Father were one.

Thus He was to secure His sheep in opposition to all their enemies Scriptures describe God’s word as the lamp to our feet this occasion happen during the Christmas. This is the time of year when the day was shortest and the night longest. Jesus used this occasion to declare that He is the true light of the world we can see who God truly is and we can find the true path to heaven. Jesus also speaks of the wonderful trust he has in God His Father and the tremendous faith we should have in Him, our Good Shepherd. The safety Jesus offers is an enduring relationship with the almighty God, and association with his flock, the people of God. Jesus also promises the refuge of calm and protection from evil and the greatest harm that could befall us eternal destruction. The Lord does not spare us from all trouble. In this life, we will experience sickness, pain, suffering, and death. But throughout these, the Lord will guide us to final victory and protection in his everlasting home. Even in the middle of our sufferings will get calm and defense which none can offer except almighty God only. We will assertively follow the Lord wherever he will lead us, trusting that nothing can keep us from God if we have faith in Him.

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