In astronomy, the term plasma refers to an extremely hot ionized gas. It is formed during the protostar phase of the formation of the star. At this stage, everything is pulled towards the centre because of the increased density of the particles. The high movement of these particles leads to an increase in temperature. As a result, the water heats up to generate energy which is then used in breaking the strong bonds of the electrons, protons and neutrons of these plasma elements. Because of these intense collisions, the particles, then move around the star which is formed from their activities. However, during the whole of this process, plasma remains constant because it is not changed by any of these forces. After the completion of this process, plasma core is then translated into the main sequencing phase. It is here where further changes are experienced to form the star by the use of gravitational force alongside gases such as Hydrogen and Helium.

Star refers to a hot ball of gas made up of Hydrogen and Helium particles. During the main sequence stage, hydrogen gas is used as the only fuel in the formation of the star. There are a lot of fusion reactions caused by the extremely high temperatures present at the time. The hydrogen gas is fused into Helium. As this continues, the stars pressure, temperature and density increases. This is attributed to the forces experienced. In other words, there are a lot of conflicting push and pull forces that act in opposite directions. Therefore, there is a creation of energy in the centre of the star. This pressure is then dumped into the environment to generate an inward flow of energy. However, this occurs against the gravitational force which acts in the opposite direction. Even if it creates an inward pressure, the outward pressure acts on it to produce this ball-shaped star.

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