Relic derivation comes from a Latin word reliquiae meaning remains otherwise in religion it means a body part of a venerated person, preserved carefully for veneration purposes. They are aspects which are indispensable in various religions such as Christianity, Hinduism and much more (Carroll, 1984). A sanctuary in ancient Greece may claim the possession of a venerated hero’s remains without any actual display of the remains. Many individuals, since the begging of Christianity, see relics as a way to associate with saints and, therefore, forming a closer bond with their God. Relics have become a large business since Middle Ages where people were taking pilgrimages to the shrines of holy individuals. (Faser, 2010) Venerable objects associated to the hero were most likely displayed on most weaponry such as shields, spears, chariots; furniture such as chairs and clothing. The egg of Leda claimed to be displayed in leucippides sanctuary at Sparta.

In contrast, Christian relics of saints, the bones held no power from the hero, the only exceptions were, for instance, the divine shoulder of Pelops held at Olympia. The city deemed to be protected by their presence rather than the relics being a source of healing and miracles. More specifically Athens said to be protected by the tomb of Oedipus. Moreover, earliest sources purporting to display relics efficacy found in 2 Kings 13: 20- 21.

A These cited verses claim that indwelling of the Holy Spirit affects the physical body that miracles can be done by God through His servants’ bodies or both. Buddha’s relics in Buddhism got venerated. After the death of Buddha, his remains got divided into eight portions (Calvin, 2010). Later on the relics got enshrined in stupas and all the places where Buddhism had spread, ignoring the Buddha’s instructions that the relics were not to be collected. A stupa is buildings specifically created for relics, and today many hold the ashes of most prominent and respected Buddhists who got cremated.

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