Approaches Deployed to Downsize Teams

Statement of the Problem: To find out if the research conducted (determining effective approaches to reduce work teams to sizeable ones) was in fact undertaken to a fuller extent. This topic of study is considered important as it outlays the benefits that come with downsizing a team: it increases team performance and hence production output is greatly recorded. The major limitation that this study portrays is the fact that the data sample used was in way related to the kind of study being carried out. The undergraduate students used lacked any relevant experience and thus it was out of topic to choose them as a representative of a whole (Derue, et al, 2008).

Critical synopsis of the background literature: narrowed down, the research focuses to expound on the significance of reducing a teams into sizeable and workable units. The study analyzes the criterion upon which team can be reduced. The three approaches used are: maintaining hierarchy which involves eliminating a lower level member while still their duties and responsibilities are shifted to the remaining members. Eliminating hierarchical involves eliminating team leaders so that their duties and responsibilities are distributed amongst the members of the team. The last approach: integrating hierarchy involves reducing team s through the elimination of lower level team members so that the team leader is made accountable for the responsibilities and duties previously handled by the member. It’s important to note that these approaches are made successful since the main approaches under which the larger organization is downsized forms the basis of performing the criterion. Meaning that the elements of workforce reducing strategy, redesigning strategy as well as performing systematic strategy plays a center role in this study. The researcher collected his data by way of experiments and observations in that he used 355 undergraduate students as sample specimens. Out of 355 undergraduate students used as a sample, their average age was 21 years. Male students covered a 57 percent mark and each student was a member of 71-persons team, the research proved that team leaders are crucial figures in teams and I personally affirm to this result since it’s only through teams that individual abilities are integrated to suit a particular need affecting the organization as a whole.

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