Applying Essay Writing

Learning essay writing skills has induced a lot of information regarding the world of writing and its many applications in the real world. As much hard it was to initially take a grasp of writing, once I learned it well, I understood how far I can use my writing in so many other areas.

The essay writing tutorials and studies are applicable not only in the study of English language but almost in every subject one can think of. Learning essay writing in our English courses plays a supporting role in assisting our further studies in other areas. After passing the English course I believe I have acquired the writing required to be implied in the other subjects I will be taking at the Colorado Technical University in future. I can use the essay writing skills in writing the various assignments, project reports, and solving case studies. The examination of several of the discussion questions would also allow me to employ my writing skills.

One of the basics for writing an essay is its organization. The organisation and composition of the relevant information deems the success of the entire essay. Such as a proposal for the installation of new water pipes in my local area would only be successful in meeting the interest of the city government if my points are well present in order and present a clear picture of the situation and stress upon the suggestive ideas I offer through the writing.

Another important think to notice when writing is: “who we are writing for”. Well focused and well-directed pieces of writings are the ones most prone to resulting in the desired action on part of the audience. The audience determines the overall success of the essay. If they take interest and remember what you wrote, that only means you organised, presented and well shaped the relevant information that they wanted to know in the form of the essay. Knowing ones audience prior to composing is thus, of immense importance, especially when we talk of formal correspondence.

Writing can only be successfully implemented if we understand clearly its importance. We have to be cautious in using its basic tips regarding organization and presentation to make its best use in the practical world. Let it be in formal correspondence, using essays to present ideas to the world or simply passing a course, writing essays determines success and excellence in almost every other field, not just for studies but for practical life as well.

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