Analysis of BP Website

The website http// is the official site for the British Petroleum Company. The website is designed with modern and recent features making it attractive. The website is welcoming in that it pulls and encourages one to analyze its contents. The first impression one gets on opening the site is that the owner company is up to date with events. This is indicated by use of the London Olympic features, which is the principal current event.

The website is directed and targets many groups of people. The website is meant for investors who may be interested to invest in the company. It addresses its share price and performance. It further targets partners who may like to partner with it. The website details the products thus attracting consumers of BP products in a wide perspective. The career part of the domain attracts potential employees with different experiences. The audience is equipped with a positive attitude towards the company after they view and go through the website. The company details its involvement in promoting social activities such as the Olympic and other projects such as agriculture, the economy and employment. This makes the audience feel that the company is part of the society.

The design and the images used to affect the audience in wide and radical ways. They make the audience like the company and feel that they would like to be part of the company. They see the company as a success and socially responsible to the people and the environment. This is enhanced by the Olympic images and the image showing farmers with tree seedlings. The purpose of the website is to advertise the company’s products, give investors the market status of the company’s share and inform the audience of the company’s social undertakings in the world. The website portrays the company as one riding high in the stock market. The company is viewed as social and cooperative by the audience and outsiders.

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