American Dream

Immigration is one of the United States’ unique and distinguishing characteristic that has helped to drive economic growth and development as well as defining national identity. Through the courtesy of immigrants, America has become a continent that greatly values democracy, self-reliance, and freedom(Thomas 19).However, the integration of newcomers has brought forth a challenge to communities that receive them(Thomas 31).Historically, American immigrants could present a wide range of benefits to the American society. But with increased cases of threat to national security concerns and subsequent economic down turn, America has become less welcoming. The national ambivalence on immigrants and their role in America has created a formidable barrier to immigrant community’s cohesion and integration (Thomas 38).

At the year 1870, America started to view the immigrants from the other side. Different factions looked at the issue as opposing realization of American dream. Therefore, the American government decided to put restrictions to immigrant inflow process. Consequently, the immigration commission was set into place (Thomas 43). Immigrants report purported that the influx of immigrants to America was to tarnish the American dream aimed at fostering economic growth and development. The United States responded to these issues in form of restrictions and regulations. Policies were formulated to regulate immigrants. Due to fear of failure to attain the American dream, America came up with treaties needed to ensure that immigrants are not institutionalized in the country (Thomas 49). Because immigrants had favorite variations, their basic theme was to work hard to achieve a sense of national self-image. As a result, America became suspicious of immigrant activities and their aim in foreign entanglement. The Continent of America wanted to form its melting point and therefore viewed that the new generation of immigrants were bringing vitalities and could hinder the attainment of American dream (Thomas 55).

In summary it should be mentioned that the place of immigrants in America was greatly affected by the need of American continent to realize its dream. This led to policies that did not favor immigration to the United States of America. The need to actualize its economic potential led America to segregate immigrants. This affected the life of immigrants who had taken shape in America in terms of investments.

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