Airport Expansion Project

Al Maktoum International Airport is a major airport located in Jebel Ali, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, that was opened in June 2010. The airport is situated 40km from Dubai International airport (Books & LLC, 2010). It has the potential of handling every new-generation aircraft for instance, the A380 superjumbo. The construction of the airport is part of the Dubai World Central project (DWC), which is the only major urban land development project by the Dubai Government. It is estimated that the project will cost $33 billion. The Al Maktoum International Airport project will be completed in different phases (Gulf News, 2010).

Phase one of the projects comprised of a single runway, together with DubaiLogisticsCity, which is a logistics center for road, sea and air services. DWC commenced its initial phase of operation during the opening of the Al Maktoum International Airport for cargo operations in June 2010 (Gulf News, 2010). In April 2011, the general aviation operations were launched. It is expected that passenger operations will start this year (2012), and the completion of the airport project is expected in mid-2020. If everything goes as planned, the completed airport is expected to have a capacity of more than 160 million passengers and 12 million tones of cargo annually (Gulf News, 2010). This would be far above the capacity of Hartsfield-JacksonAtlantaInternationalAirport, the present busiest passenger airport globally which handled ninety million passengers in 2008.

Once Al Maktoum International Airport is complete, it will be capable of handling up to four aircrafts at the same time i.e. four aircrafts will be able to land on it simultaneously hence helping to reduce air queuing. The airport will also have five parallel runways (4.5 km), with each runway separated by the at least 800m distance; three passenger terminals inclusive of two luxury facilities and the third facility for low-priced carriers. Other facilities of the airport will include multiple concourses, shopping malls and hotels, sixteen cargo terminals having a twelve million tone capacity, more than 100,000 parking spaces for passengers and airport personnel, royal jet and executive centers, as well as maintenance and support facilities. The airport will be connected to Dubai International Airport via a high-speed rail system (Gulf News, 2010).

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