Africa and Black Liberation in US

The topic of the texts is the struggle for liberation by African-Americans. The texts depict the human rights abuses the Negro- American have gone through while agitating for freedom and prevent violation of their human rights.

They use the atrocities committed by the American Government against the Black Americans to portray a strong feeling that the Government has no commitment or will to protect the rights of the African – Americans. They call for unity in order for liberation to be realised. They both agree in pursuit of non-violent means in the struggle. However, Malcolm does not disqualify violent means.

In the first text Malcolm uses the summit to rally Africa Heads of state to support the course of Negro- Americans. He gives an example of Police brutality, the disappearance of three civil rights activists, two bodies found murdered in the Mississippi River and non-implementation of a law on non- segregation school system.

King uses an analogy of the biblical exodus of the Hebrews from Egypt to portray the slavery of the Black Americans. He likens it to the struggle for independence of Gold Coast (Ghana) by Nkrumah. He believes that freedom cannot be taken away from man.

Human injustices exist and it is upon the dominated to rise up and demand for their rights. Freedom can only be won by a unity of purpose by the oppressed They both agree that freedom cannot be won without influencing the masses by outlining a common suffering.

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