Criminals as Firearm Consumer

Q1. Should abolishing of the handgun laws and licensing of the big urbane guns’ possession to every citizen be an avenue of tumbling criminals as firearms consumers?

Conceivably, felons who find their way to freedom tend to be prime consumers of firearms. In essence, close to three-quarters of the persons sampled by this chapter owned at least a gun with a sizeable number purporting to have owned in the range of ten guns. Let us brand them as heavy consumers of the firearms. With this in mind, every other person’s expectations are that they ought to be in ownership of urbane armoury rather than simple handguns to propagate their criminal undertakings. Handgun decrees have had diminutive impacts in curbing the crimes instigated by the out-of-prison felons. Why? Many of them posses them but futilely use them for killing innocent people and looting heft resources from the public. This is the argument: if the enactment that govern production and use of handguns is done away with and at the same time heavy, sophisticated and quality (but large) guns be licensed, then crimes and misuse of firearms by the aforementioned felons will come tumbling. Why? Each person will be aware of what a friend has, and felons may find it knotty to instigate crimes and misuse the firearms since every citizen will aptly be having self-defense. This is because accuracy, untraceable and quality of a gun is what felons look for in a gun.

Q2. Should the Theft of Handguns be legalized to curb the Vice?

It is astounding but at the same time daunting to learn that theft of handguns is the main pattern of acquiring the firearm by felons. Besides cash outreach and friends, theft is predominantly an ideal way of acquiring shotguns with statistics pointing at 32% of the sample. The incumbent question then seeks to unravel the areas from which the handguns are stolen. One can steal from a friend but in question are the police and the federal gun outlets. If handgun theft is legalized, then the vulnerable outlets or police concerned will be exposed. As a result, they will face prosecution and in the end curb the vice. In any case, the felons who carry out the thefts ought to be glorified!

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