Criminal Justice Today

It is said that every market has its own madman. In this sense, they go contrary to the set social and moral expectations. In older times, such people were treated with contempt with the mentality that they cannot blend in the society and were looked at as social misfits whose verdict was either banishment or execution to wipe them off the face of the society so as to leave behind a straight- edge society. As time passed by, however, in came civilization and with it was the establishment of law and order which was taken positively by the society with every member of society expected to strictly adhere to every bit of the set rules and regulations that comprised the law.

Whether looked at as good or bad, the law is important as it safeguards the entire society as it serves as a form of restraint imposed against those who might pose a threat, regardless of its magnitude to the society. There are different ways of correcting such individuals ranging from arrests with varying jail terms depending on the magnitude of the offense, paroles, fines and house arrests. All these are aimed at either changing the offenders for the better and for those who can’t take up the correction, kept away from the society. According to Mackenzie (n.d.), probation is usually an option available to local judges.

Some offenders are usually granted parole and this is important to them especially if they have people depending on them. A good example is parents or guardians who are sole breadwinners for their families or those people who care for the disabled or aged. As the old adage goes, once bitten, twice shy thereby, a taste of the docks, a grunt of the prosecutor and the bang of the judge’s hammer to close the case are enough to make a good number of individuals to reconsider their wrong ways and go by the rules set. On the other hand, there are other people who are intervened for and reconsidered by the judge basing on the intensity of their mistake and are granted probation, a set time within which they are provided for with an allowance to make a change for the better.

Further still, for probation and parole, it serves as a form of correction that does not infringe on most of the rights of the individual involved. This grants the individual his freedom of movement as he or she is not locked up in jail, the individual is also free to associate with others, still has his or her freedom of speech and freedom of religion. As for the community involved, they get to interact with the said individual and assist him or her with his or her rehabilitation. Probation and parole also provide a platform upon which both the community and the individual involved in the crime can have a one on one and come to terms on what is expected of the individual so as to avert any form of social misconduct in the near future.

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