Criminal Justice Today: Probation

This paper is about probation; why and why not it should be granted to somebody who has committed the crime or not. Probation is defined as an act of pardoning an offender by either putting the person an observation or giving the person some light work such as community work to do as a form of punishment. Probation is always given to those people who were found to be disturbed psychologically or didn’t mean to commit the crime.

The study by the Bureau shows that only a small percentage of the offenders are put on probation. The question of whether the offenders should be put on probation is either no or yes depending on the state of the offender. For example, if one kills as a defense should be understood and such a person should not only be put on probation but pardoned for the crime committed.

On the other hand, if a person commits murder while insane should be put on probation since he or she is not in her or his right senses. There are some cases where an insane person rapes or defiles a minor. Since the person is not in her right senses, he or she should be pardoned and instead of being jailed should be put on probation.

However, if a person commits murder, rapes or defiles a minor while in his right senses and upon medical examination, proves to be normal should be given death sentence or be punished in magnitude with the crime committed.

Therefore I would recommend probation to only those who have mental problems only when the offender has been thoroughly examined medically or who have proved that they did so for defense but did not mean to. Otherwise those who commit crimes deliberately should be sentence to death or jailed in accordance to the law.

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