Criminal Justice Affairs

With each passing day, new laws are formed by states, municipals and counties making cases difficult to judge because these laws determine the final verdict over a legal issue. Litigation is the legal process through which the plaintiff or the complainant looks for a compensation for the damages done to the defendant. Any court proceeding that has two parties in an oppositional relationship is referred to as a litigation (Roberts, 2003). Criminal litigation is about defendants who are accused of profaning the criminal laws.

Specialization is the newest trend in criminal litigation and it involves making special courtroom procedures, adopting special rule-making structures and using special procedures when handling criminal cases. Specialization has been adopted because it has the following advantages: it gives judges adequate time which helps them make better decisions, the quality of the litigation is improved as the defendants and the plaintiffs are given ample time to defend themselves.

This is very important because, in such a situation, they are given priority and can be heard, unlike during the past where judges came up with verdicts without giving them proper time to defend themselves. The judges also become more familiar with the area of criminal litigation and this helps them make certain and fast decisions (Baum 2011). Furthermore, specialization reduces the caseload that general jurisdiction courts have to handle because such cases can be quite a burden.

Specialization in criminal justice is beneficial because the laws made have to be interpreted then applied. Specialization in the litigation of criminal matters has therefore evolved to address the limited financial resources and personnel that firms have. This has helped firms to focus more on the coordination and training of specific knowledge and skills, rather than deal with a wider range like before. Prosecutors and attorneys are also equipped with a wider understanding of the strong suits and failings of dealing with the many facades of the criminal justice system. Attorneys can as well be given federal grants to help them to further their education on the legal profession. Specialization is relatively new because, in the past, Judges were generalists, and this has been there for such a long time that people expect that it will be kept as it places a burden of proof on those who are in favor of specialization (Moley, 1974).

Evidently, specialization is high quality, cost-efficient and well coordinated and should, therefore, be encouraged even though the generalist trend has been in existence.

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