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While essay writing is an essential part of academic life, it is also a necessity in the business where managers need excellent communication skills. And although nowadays many applicants are required to provide a written sample as part of the selection process essay and research writing is chiefly associated with students.

In business, a report usually contains information on which decisions are based, where a research paper is intended to convey a student’s subject knowledge. For example, a customer service research paper might address a resourcing problem by providing a solution to facilitate improvement and future planning. So, it is important to communicate the findings clearly to the reader for your work to be effective.

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If you decide to write your own papers, you are likely to encounter numerous obstacles, especially if you are new to this task. It may start to seem like a hellish undertaking. However, you don’t have to overburden yourself trying to take care of the many different elements. You will at least need someone to evaluate your work to see if there are errors or omissions in it.

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