Why Journal Writing Is Useful

March 23, 2017 Writing Hints

A journal is a great tool that can help you get to know yourself in the best way. It is a confidant which keeps all your secrets and innermost thoughts. Among benefits of journaling there is an opportunity to talk to yourself, write down and re-approach your ideas later when you feel different.

Why You Should Have a Personal Journal

Journal can help you realize your attitude to yourself, which you could have no idea about until you read your own records. You should also consider the dominant tone of your notes. Do you mostly feel confident, upset or angry with yourself? Do you often criticize yourself? Do you make any notes when you are stressed? If yes, then you can use your personal journal to improve your life.

How to Start

If you have decided to start a journal, but have not done it yet, then you might have a distorted view on what it is. In this case, you may need some personal journal writing prompts. You will not have any desire to start until you realize how significant and exciting your writing may be. However, when you begin you should give yourself a permission to produce any records no matter what they are. This way, you will not have any fear of failure.

Using a Journal

When I used to work on my counseling degree, I had a very difficult and intense course on group dynamics. We attended meetings that lasted for several hours, took notes and had breaks. I wrote down all my notes in my journal. When the course came to the end, each of us shared the most vital thing he or she learned. One woman said that she had realized that it was not necessary to write on each side of the page if she did not want to. That is why she understood how many rules she used to follow, even when there were no rules at all.

Luckily, when you know how to start keeping a journal you assume that there are no rules concerning it. You feel free to write a page of lies or a page of colorful words for your favorite song, or just tear a page out. You can also leave some space to come back later and leave a comment on what you have written. The journal provides you with a number of awesome opportunities.

What You Need to Start Keeping a Journal

There are people who prefer a certain kind of pen for a journal. You will also need something to write on: it can be a graph paper, a spiral notebook, a steno pad. You may prefer bound blank books… There are numerous notebooks available in different sizes. Just go to a bookstore and select the one you like.

It is a great advantage to keep a personal journal. It allows you to solve different problems, keep shopping or to-do lists, write poetry or just have fun. Besides, a journal provides an easy way to talk to and support yourself.

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