Tips for Organizing a Party on St. Patrick’s Day on a Budget

March 17, 2017 Celebration

Saint Patrick is a patron of Ireland. The official day of his death is 17 March. Today it is celebrated culturally and religiously in the country to honor Irish most famous missionary and bishop of the Christianity. The Irish Diaspora made the holiday famous and commonly celebrated all over the world. Especial attention to the date of 17 March is paid in the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Argentina, Australia and New Zeeland.

The Tradition of St. Patrick’s Day

With the laps of time a holiday turned from the religious into public celebration. Christians continued to attend church and stint themselves of food and alcohol, but the majority of people associate this holiday with great commercial feasts with parades, green shamrocks, a lot of food, alcohol and fun. Such a booming celebration often costs the particiapants a dear. Let’s figure out how to cut the expenses without huge oppression.

1. Home Celebration
If you have enough space in your apartment, then it sounds rational to save on gas, high-priced alcohol and other unexpected current spending and organize a home party. Moreover, you should not order special invitations for a home party. Just make a call or send an e-mail.

2. Green Details
Ask friends to bring everything green they have to decorate your party beforehand. It is not necessary to buy green shamrocks. Just pull something green from your wardrobe. Take advance from your imaginations. Green will be everywhere without huge expenses.

3. Food and Drinks
It is not a secret that shop-bought drinks are always much cheaper than those at the restaurants. The same is with food. Thus, offer your guests to bring food and drinks with them. Discuss the plans of everyone beforehand to have a rationally organized and diversiform menu.

4. Coupons and Sales
Your target is to spend less on one day celebration. Therefore, go to the cheapest shops, such as Dollar Tree, Wal-Mart, Amazon or Party City for your holiday shopping. Search for retail sales and coupon offers and you will be astonished how much you can save.

5. Free Entertainment
The idea to buy a new game is not the cheapest one, thus make fun for free. Think about the abilities of your computer and printer. Develop interesting games by your own. Search for the top ideas online. Try to take advantage of free things more than of bought new ones.

6. Move the Date
This year St. Patrick’s Day follows on Friday, but if you throw a holiday celebration on Sunday, you would be able to buy many things at half-price. Moreover, some of your friends would have the possibility to celebrate the 17 March twice on Friday and on Sunday. Does not it sound great?

Holidays should be associated with fun and joy instead of bother and spending. You should enjoy life without huge expenses. Money creates detail, but the atmosphere flows out from the soul. Use our tips for a cheap celebration. Share your experience! Enjoy your party on St. Patrick’s Day! Protection Status