Easy Guide to Coping with Stress

March 9, 2017 Health

Stress is regarded as a normal part of human life. In addition, anxiety is a natural signal that helps people to manage stressful situations. On the other hand, sometimes anxiety becomes overwhelming, which makes people suffer from greater stress. Some individuals face generalized anxiety that is not connected to exact anxiety-provoking situations. On the contrary, there are people who experience constant stress because of phobias, traumas, and social anxiety. Despite the different causes of anxiety, our human nature prompts us to avoid stressful situations. However, if avoiding stress becomes your only tool to prevent anxiety, you risk leading a very limited way of life.

Effective methods for reducing anxiety created by OHEP

  1. Overwhelming anxiety can be successfully reduced with the help of relaxation exercises and guided meditations. If you have experienced stress recently, think of watching short videos that will give you a hint on effective relaxation exercises. You may also consider downloading audio files with guided meditations from the Health Services’ Office of the Health Education and Promotion website.
  2. Biofeedback is another effective method to reduce anxiety. It is also promoted by OHEP as one of the most successful tools to fight stress.
  3. Additional materials on the topic of stress reduction are provided in the books entitled The Anxiety and Phobia Workbook and The Worry Trap that can also be found on the OHEP website.

Relieving stress with the help of the Counseling Center

If you are a student who constantly suffers from anxiety, think of visiting clinicians at the Counseling Center asking for counseling. You may also choose to work with an individual counselor. In this case, get in touch with the Counseling Center and make an appointment.
The Counseling Center also arranges weekly group meetings for the students who suffer from different forms of anxiety. The task of mentors is to help the students learn more about the roots of their anxiety and find effective ways to cope with their feelings. The practical approaches towards stress-management include exposure therapy, mindfulness exercises, and psycho-education.
Indeed, students get a lot of benefits from becoming the members of the group guided by the Counseling Center. Many of them perceive the group setting useful because of being supported by other people who share similar symptoms of anxiety.
If you are eager to become a member of the group, contact the Counseling Center for more information when a new semester begins. The group commences operating during the first two weeks after the beginning of a semester and meets each week until the start of the final exams.
Anxiety definitely makes you feel uncomfortable. Make your life easier and reduce stress using the materials provided by OHEP and the Counseling Center.

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